TAL Distinctions

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TAL Distinctions

Technology Advancement Level


TAL 0: No sentient or intelligent life

TAL 1: Sentient life has developed the use of primitive tools and shows

potential to avoid being eaten by predators into extinction.

TAL 2: A structured society dependant on technology for daily activities.

TAL 3: Has developed interplanetary space travel within its own soloar


TAL 4: Has developed intergalactic space travel and has incorporated

foreign technologies into society along with interplanetary and

intergalactic trade treaties.

TAL 5: The ability and desire to destroy themselves by waging war with

nearby solar systems.

TAL 6: The development of technology to destroy entire solar systems


TAL 7: Having developed to TAL 6, it then destroyed the destructive

technology and replaced it with feeding less fortunate solar

systems. Few of these exist because most are destroyed

by nearby TAL 6 civilizations after becoming defenseless.

TAL 8: Immortal beings who have surpassed all need of technology and

exist completely within the realm and power of thought.


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